what if you don’t wake up tomorrow?

Don’t overthink, today you will get answer to that question, Additionally What drives you in morning, or What you drive? will be answered, just stick with us and read ahead.

So, the later question first, What drives you? Is it your life which drives you every morning, or just materialistic things like your pay cheque. I am not gonna give you any advice here, its not the question. Your choices are literally reflections of your circumstances, no one can control them except one person that’s you.

Have you ever thought what you are doing is best for you, you are doing it whole heatedly or just physically. Think again if you are doing the job physically, without happiness you are no less than a prostitute. So, If pay cheque is materialistic, whats real.

Here is a perfect example

  • You love arts, and leave it for doing banks coaching, a bit relate able to some of you guys. Let me clear you one thing, If you think banking is easier than your arts, you are totally, completely, consummately, unconditionally wrong.
  • You have an question, you didn’t ask in class, you don’t want to be a foll in between class, right? Remember :


Now the second thing I want to discuss is what you drive? The basic idea is to have authority in your life, be responsible and smart enough to get over things, people and situations. Lets take an simple example, I wanna ask a girl out for a date. Two things can happen a Yes or a No. If yes you have the date its good, but what if she says no.

I think it ok, if she say you are too ugly to be dated. Just on you attitude mode and reply in stlye “that’s why I asked you, otherwise have asked someone more prettier!”

Hope you got my point, if not go and watch POGO 😛