The year 2017 is still young, but a few months in Instagram Time can feel like eons (so many selfies, so little time). Whether they have the most compelling feeds or just the most loyal fandom, the celebrities with the biggest Instagram followings say a lot about the year in pop culture so far—whose feeds we’re thirsty to scroll though for endless glam shots and what makes us hit that “like” button. Below, find out which stars have the most popular accounts of the year—from those who are still holding down the top spots to those who are new to the list this year.

  1. Selena Gomez – 125 million Followers

Bad Liar music video is out by the way 😏

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2. Ariana Grande – 113 million Followers


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3. Cristiano Ronaldo – 110 million Followers

4. Beyoncé – 106 million Followers

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5. Taylor Swift – 102 (102,894,195)million Followers

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6. Kim Kardashian – 102(102,877,610)million Followers

7. Kylie Jenner – 97.2 million Followers

hello 🖤

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8. Therock – 92.9 million Followers

9. Justin Bieber – 91.4 million Followers

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10. Kendall Jenner – 83.1 million Followers

her her her her

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