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Kapil Sharma Finally Introduced His Wife “Ginni” and Here are The Pics!!

kapil with ginni
kapil Sharma Finally Revealed that he is in love with his longtime girlfriend Bhavneet Chatrath aka Ginni and also uploaded Pics with her. These are some pics: Take a look at these beautiful pictures of Ginni: We really love love love Kapil’s doe-eyed wife. She is sure looks good with the King Of Comedy!

Bahubali 2 : The Conclusion – The Most Awaited Trailer Of 2017 is Finally Out!!

The most awaited trailer of bahubali 2 has finally launched and there is no doubt that it is going to be super massive hit of 2017.The things we are expecting from this movie trailer are : The stunned Sequences : There has been so much hype and buzz around how much grander this movie is going to be and...

3 Versions Of Cheap Thrills That Shows Indians Can Remake Any Song!!!

Different Versions of Cheap Thrills
Have you listened Cheap Thrills? (If no, then google itLand hear it right now bcoz it's damn amazing). Do You love it? Of course, you love it (you can't say no in case of this song). Now that you have heard it and also love it, then you must check out these three different Indian versions of cheap thrills. After listening these...

Top 10 Free Android Games (Must Play)!

Top 10 Free Android Games evhacon
This post is all about games, games and games!!! The best part of this post is that mostly everyone is addicted to Smartphones these days and games are the best time-pass in android Phones. Here I'm listing Top 10 Free Android Games which are not the best but are the ones which I prefer. If you are a gameholic and...

Do you also have log kya kahenge Bimari (What will people Say Syndrome)?

log kya kahenge Bimari [What will people Say Syndrome]?
Do you also think that what four people will say about you when you do something that is unacceptable by society? Have you ever thought that if I choose commerce/arts as a career option, then people might think I’m a fool who has wasted his life? Have you ever been scared of the thought that If I do something...

Social Apps That Everyone Needs!

social Apps
Here is the third post which is too interesting coz everyone mostly use social sites alot. I’m not mentioning instagram and Facebook because these are too common and you must’ve have known about them (if not, then you must be an alien). These are cooler and stylish social apps you’ll need. Weheartit - Get lost in what you love. Download Here ...

Fashion Apps Every Girl Should Have!

Girls Apps
Fashion apps: Fashion is not only what you wear, it’s also about how you express your personality. Every girl wants to be a fashion diva (don’t you?). These apps are for fashion lovers. You can browse outfits, take tips and can also purchase most trendy clothes. This post is contributed by Simran Motwani. Pose -Pose is the place to celebrate and...

Girly Apps You Should Have if You Have a Smartphone!

Girls Apps
Girls are way too interesting so are apps in their phone which have all things from the cute pink to bubbly blue types (I know that b’coz I’m one of them). There are also lot apps which you may not have and you need them. All the girly apps I’m listing here are few choices from top apps which...

Recommended Android Apps for Every Guy!

We all many apps in our smartphone and to some apps we are also too much addicted. In case of common apps like Facebook, whatsapp, etc. we all have these apps but there are some apps which you may’ve heard about and you need to install them as soon as possible. This is not the full list but these are...

Best looks of grammy’s that you can’t miss to see!

Some of the best dresses of grammy awards 2017!!! Rihanna Adele Chrissy teigen  Demi Lovato Diana Gordon Jennifer Lopez Katrina Graham Katy Perry Laverne Cox Paris JacksonHope you liked it. If so, Do Share, Like and Subcribe! This post was given by Simran Motwani.

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