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The Sword of Peace – Enlightening Story

sword of peace
"The Sword of Peace"- are you thinking, Sowrd and Peace have no relation. Go through this beautiful story. Once upon a time there was a precious sword. Now, this sword belonged to a great King, and for as long as anyone could remember, the King spent all his time in his palace, enjoying his shows and parties. One day a great...

Online Article Writing Competition by Tribune Education Foundation, Register before 25 June!

Do you think you are a good writer, have skills to show in words what you think and have knowledge about "Education" Here is a great opportunity for you Tribune Education Foundation has organised Online Article Writing Competition. Here are the details enroll soon..  About Redefining Ourselves is a research cell of “Tribune Education Foundation”. The main motive behind the constitution of this...

Indian Army – proud of our Nation!

Hello everyone, this is for the first time that we are sharing our views with you, not simply on any topic but a part of our country – INDIAN ARMY. Good noon guys, this is Aditya Prakash here, and today I want to bring in front of you all the real condition of our Army. Our Indian Army is the world’s...

Not sure where you are in your life, take a breath and read this!

In today’s fast-paced world,we are all in a hurry. In a hurry to get success in our life, In a hurry to get things done and not only get things done but it must be done right, In a hurry to achieve perfection and excellence. We feel bad when things don’t happen our way, when results are not achieved instantly. It’s...

“Disability does not mean inability” – Mind It..

disability does not mean inability
Disability does not mean inability - tambudzai mabhiza These days there is a buzz for words used by us to refer a disabled persons. Let Enlightenbrains clean this thing out of the minds of our readers and enlighten their brains. Authored via beautiful hands and more beautiful mind of Asmeka Jain. Above Quote sounds good, right? Its commonly used to comfort someone who...

All about Cancer revealed Here: 5 minutes read…

cancer image
Hello guys today we are presenting here story sent by one of our readers so let's get started with it. Authored via beautiful hands of Banshita Yadav What is cancer? It can be answered in such a way that: Organisms like human beings are made up of units which are very small and cannot be seen with naked eyes genuinely called as...

Skin Color is not measure of beauty, You are Beautiful!

Nowadays most of us believes that ' fair skin good, dark skin bad.' No matter where you are from, skin color makes a huge difference in the way you are treated. We can check any matrimonial sites or matrimonial columns, and the one thing we will find common is everyone wants a good looking, high salaried and attractive partner....

Degree vs Experience, Only winner is you! Read calmly…

Degree vs Experience
Hello everyone this is an truth awakening post, so read it at your own risk :-P today I will compare two of the most important things for you as a student or an job aspirant. Your Degree and Experience, two of the most important factors to govern whether you get a job or not, there are few more to the list...

Can You Laugh At Yourself!!!

"Can you Laugh At Yourself"! Sounds quite stupid no? Does it mean to make our self a joke among people? Or it mean to point out our silly mistakes by which people can make fun of them? Why will I laugh at myself? Am I gone mad? Are you kidding me? Exactly the same questions are running in your...

Zinda Hai Tiger, First look Salman and Katrina flaunts in formals!

Salman khan Katrina Kaif Zinda hai Tiger First look
Today we have got first look of Zinda Hai Tiger, an anticipated sequel(part 2) of Ek Tha Tiger, a 2012 action-thriller film, featuring Salman Khan and beautiful Katrina Kaif hooded under Yash Raj Film banner. In the picture Katrina and Salman flaunts their look in a formals in a basic photography trend look. In the tweet on Wednesday, Salman revealed...

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