You are adult, or a hustling teenager, you have a awesome childhood, This is all we know… Well today got 15 childhood things, that are now found no where! Your childhood is all comprised in this post, Read on maybe you get your old love here 😛

Hope you enjoy, if so do make a share and let people know how awesome your childhood was…

Kismi Toffe, Mango Bite, Poppins, Kaccha Mango Bite, Pan Pasand – An Kingdom under Rs. 2!

Kismi Bar and Candy

coffee-bite-Mango Bitepan-pasand-toffee_largeThis was a true treasure for 90’s kids or a adult inside you. I dare if you have ate any one of the above, you love those more than today’s Dairy Milk Silk Oreo.









Natraj Pencil, Geometry Box and Colours, all set for school after summer…

geometry-box- nataraj-pencil-colour-

These things are the best things at the end of summer vacations, By the end of season and starting of school everyone get new tools to sharpen their minds and creativity.


Natraj Geometry box Natraj Pencil





Pencil with creative top (Gosh!! Shakalaka Boom Boom :-P) and Water Colors

Water Colors Camel

Rubber top Pencil Shakalaka Boom Boom Pencil

Gadgets: Mobile Phones, Doggy Piggy Bank, Bayblade, Cards, YoYo, Brick Games etc..

Bayblade House_of_Puppy_Saving_Bank Phones Pokemon Card

yoyo toy wwe 5rs card







These were some of the coolest things in the world for a kid in 90’s and even in 2000’s. Hope I have missed many so you can comment them down your favorites.


Games!! Carrom, Marbles, Kites, Ludo, Snakes & Ladder, Indie Board Games etc…

carrom board kite